THE SANDOVALS | Encinitas Family Photographer

9 Dec ’12

I met Leon about two years ago at a men’s retreat at my church…we didn’t get to chat until everyone was leaving but we had about a 10 minute chat and I knew that this guy was just as cool as it gets. We definitely chatted about photography since I quickly found out that he’s the head dude over at the popular photography post production company, Colorati. Over the last couple of years we’ve connected and hung out and I have felt so much support and encouragement from this guy. When he contacted me to shoot for his family this year, I couldn’t help but feel that it was a huge compliment considering how many photographers he has access to. We ended up going down to the family’s home town of Encinitas and just walked around finding great little random spots to shoot and had a great time. Leon, Crystal and their boys were so relaxed in front of the camera and it was really just like hanging out with good friends and I happened to have a camera. Thanks to the Sandoval family for having me shoot for you and for being such a rad family of people! ENJOY!