THE LAVIKS | Lifestyle

30 May ’11


The Laviks are a family that you just have to love! They are one of those fun families that instantly makes you feel so comfortable and like you’ve known them forever. Well turns out that we’ve run in the same circle of friends for a really long time but never actually met. I met them about a year ago and I think we just clicked. So when they asked me to do a family shoot with them I knew that I needed to find just the right location. Thanks to photo friends T and H photography, I think we found the perfect spot!


Here are my favorite shots from the day. It turned out to be a perfect evening with amazing light and two of the cutest kids ever! You can tell Mom takes lots of pics of them because they totally knew what to do when I got my camera out! I seriously LOVE when that happens! Thanks again guys for having me shoot with you and thanks for finally me try that delicious Thai place in Ladera with you guys afterwards. SO GOOD!


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