21 Mar ’11

Twinnnnnns?!?! Awwww!!! …Ok so maybe that’s not exactly what went through my head when I was asked to shoot these two cuties. Honestly, I was a bit nervous…you never know what you’re gonna get with young babies, and TWO of them?!? I ran through so many different scenarios in my head of how things could go. On top of that it was supposed to rain pretty heavily here in sunny southern California. Well, it turned out that I had NOTHING to be worried about. These kids were AWESOME! So happy and with such little personalities! I guess with rad names like Luna and Silver what do you expect? 🙂 I swear these kids were naturals in front of the camera. TOO CUTE! Oh, and the weather turned out to be perfect! Not too hot and not too cold with some really gorgeous soft light, thanks to a few clouds. Take a look at this beautiful and sweet family! I had such a great afternoon with them! ENJOY!

I love this little moment:

This was JUST before a big handful of sand went right into her mouth 😉