THE COZENS | Lifestyle

20 Jun ’11


Hey guys! I hope you had a great Father’s Day and were able to celebrate with your families. My weekend was really quite hectic between shoots, client meetings, drumming at church, and getting to spend some quality time with Pop, but it was a lot of fun. I’m really excited to be going to Palm Springs with a bunch of friends this week though. Stay tuned for that post! 🙂

And since now it’s officially after Father’s Day, I’m able to share these images! You see, Kristi decided she wanted to surprise her husband for Father’s Day with some family photos. But of course they’re not family photos without her husband in them right?! So we decided to do a shoot with just her and the kids so that she would be able to give him some framed prints on his big day…and THEN the second part of the surprise is that we are scheduling a second shoot with him in it this time. I’m excited because I’ve been told he likes really modern/edgy stuff so I think it’s going to be fun to try out some new stuff when the time comes! Gosh I love my clients! For these shots Kristi wanted something beautiful and naturey (is that a word?). I think we got some great stuff! And oh my gosh these kids were SO awesome! Their girl, Masyn, is just a rockstar! Totally nailing poses all day long! I love that! And Zain kept me laughing the whole time! Such a funny kid. Ok, I’ve written enough…time for pictures! ENJOY!