2 Apr ’13

Ok this post might be a little bit more for the photographers, or for my future couples that wonder why I ask to steal your rings in the middle of the reception. I woke up this morning wanting to talk about ring shots. I don’t know why, but I really love doing them! Maybe it’s just a break from taking pics of the drunkies on the dance floor or maybe it’s a chance to do something creative and to push myself to try and think of something new. Either way, I have a lot of fun doing it! The major thing that I do with my ring shots, is that I use an iPad as my light source. I’ll pull up a clean white image on my screen and make it as bright as I can and for some reason it produces really beautiful, clean light. I’ll often try and go to an area of the reception where there is little, to no, ambient light so that the iPad is my only source of light. Here are some pics from the last couple of years:


This first shot was in front of a fire pit outside where there was almost zero light other than the fire…put the iPad in front and here’s what came out:


Similar deal here. Zero ambient light outside. This one is using two iPads, set up like a teepee with the rings inside. Has a very commercial feel to it. On a side note, the wedding was at a spot next to some tennis courts so that’s where the tennis ball came from:



These next two were literally shot on top of the blank iPad screen:



I’m always looking for something kind of random to make people think “WTF” is that?! Stuff with glitter or reflective surfaces work great with a very shallow depth of field:


For these two, I set the rings on top of some LED lights that the DJ had set up in the reception area. Loved the colorful effect:


I just love having a little bit of ambient light in the background from a candle or something so it become a really abstract shape in the back:


The groom was a firefighter and his helmet had all of this perfect wear and tear to it! You should have seen the guests puzzled looks when I was setting up the shot haha:


I think it’s safe to say, that I really love food! So these were a lot of fun to do. The ice cream sandwich melted pretty quick so I had to get two of them…and I didn’t want them to go to waste so I “had” to eat them both. Darn. :


Flowers from the guest table, shot in complete darkness and lit by an iPad. These things produce incredible light!



No iPad for this one. It was ridiculously hard to balance the rings on the forks. They would fall down every time I’d go to click the shutter. But I LOVE the detail that the couple put into their wedding cake forks and thought it was a perfect ring shot for them:



These next two were from a wedding I shot in Nashville last year. Again, shot with the iPad…the first one was inside of a piano in a dark dark room:



I also really love to use negative space. Finding places with colored walls and reflective surfaces produces a wonderful effect:



Or you can just stick the rings in giant block of ice:



I shot these two with the iPad off to the side a little bit and it think it adds a little more drama to the image:



And this might just be my very favorite ring shot so far! They had these great Domo cake pops made and I couldn’t resist!


Was this helpful to you? If so, please share! 🙂 If there’s something else you’re interested in learning…feel free to leave a comment below! THANKS!