RECHARGED | Taking time for a little break

I took a little break this past week with some great friends in Palm Springs. Here are just a few shots that I grabbed on the first night we were there. Can’t wait to go back soon!


It was just after 2am on a week night and I was still at the long desk in the narrow loft of my still newish condo. Did I really have to wake up in five hours? Should I go to bed? Should I stay up a little longer? I only have like five more images from this session to edit! This is was what going on all week. Getting home from my design job, grabbing a quick bite to eat and editing away all night! It was clearly time for a break. I was thinking of even taking a little vacation on my own if I had to. Until I got a little message from my friend Jung’s wife asking if I wanted to join their fam and a couple of other families for a few days in Palm Springs! YES! That’s exactly what I needed. Hot weather, cool pool, great people…and a BREAK! I feel so incredibly lucky to be so busy lately. I love love love how things have been going and am already planning on how to make it better 🙂 But it was time for some rest. And that’s exactly what I got! I slept in, I ate great food, I laughed with awesome people, swam a little and really just had a great time! I feel so recharged and ready to go! I DID shoot a little…the light was so good the first evening, I had to snap a few. Plus with all these ridiculously cute kids around, how could I not?!


Geez, for someone who hates to write, I sure have been writing a lot the last few posts. I’ll try and make it shorter next time 😉 Anyway, thank you Jung, Misty, Keir, Julie, Drew, Christian, Elliott, Benji and London for the great times in the Desert!


Picture time! :


Jun 25