14 Feb ’11

Happy Valentines Day!

Exactly one year ago today I was waking up nervous as heck, prepping my gear and running though about a million different situations in my head.

It was exactly one year ago today I shot my very first wedding! It was definitely not the easiest of situations since I was shooting in a dark gazebo even though it was a bright sunny day outside. But the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked great and the whole family was so nice and welcoming! I never realized how much running around you do while shooting, or how you always need to have that camera ready…even while you’re stopping to eat dinner. But it is when I realized that it was something that I really truly love! Capturing those tiny moments on someone’s very special day is just priceless! I love how I get to be involved in those families day and really get to spend the whole day with the couple. I’ve learned that you get really close really fast and honestly a lot of those clients have become great friends! I feel SO blessed!

Here are a couple of shots from that first wedding (old logo and all)…I can’t wait to celebrate my photo birthday every year on Valentine’s Day! I hope you check back often to see everything that is captured year after year 🙂

A special thanks to Megan and Adam for being brave and giving me a chance! Happy first anniversary you two!