MEGAN+STEPHANE | Tivoli Terrace Wedding

20 Mar ’13

Megan and Stephane’s wedding was full of surprises. They got ready at this amazing little cottage right on the beach…perfect sunny weather! We were supposed to meet up with the families and groomsmen about 15 minutes North and shoot on the beach, when all of a sudden it starts POURING! Not just a little drizzle but full on crazy rain! So I ended up having the two of them jump in the back of my car and we drove back South were it was still sunny…or so we thought! The rain stopped about 15 minutes into shooting and we were able to get some great stuff. I was happy. We managed to beat the storm. Well, I was SOAKED so maybe it beat me. On the drive to the venue Megan got a call that they were pushing back the ceremony time by 30 minutes. As I’m looking out my driver side window at the now rainless beach, Megan asks if we can shoot some more portraits. UMMM YES!!! Thank God we did because when we got down to the beach we were treated to the most amazing sunset! Maybe one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Without the storm we had earlier, we wouldn’t have had the amazing clouds and light for the shoot. So even though I was a little annoyed with the rain…it totally paid off! Thank you to Megan and Stephane not only for braving the freezing cold…but for also having the BEST attitudes about it! They were just so happy to be with each other and get married that there wasn’t even an ounce of stress or worry from them! ENJOY!