JEN+ROMAN | Coyote Hills Golf Course Wedding

25 Jul ’11

Happy Monday!! Last weekend I got to be a part of a super beautiful wedding at Coyote Hills in Fullerton and second shoot for the guy that really helped me  want to become a wedding photographer, [ b ]ecker. He posted the opportunity to come and shoot with him on his social media site for photographers, the [ b ] school, and I totally jumped at the opportunity. I learned so much! Thanks Becker!

As you can see, the couple was just gorgeous and looked good from any angle!  I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of Jen and Roman’s big day!




Petals by Xavi provided some amazing flowers and details!



I love how calm and relaxed the groom was just  before the wedding. Just hanging out and laughing with his guys:



How cute is the flower girl?!



“WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”- I know you were thinking it to yourself  😉



Don’t worry…it’s just sparkling cider 😉



I just love how happy people are at weddings! It’s always so much fun to see everyone so happy!



Is it me or do all the kids look like professional dancers?! WOW!