JEN+AARON | ACE Hotel, Palm Springs Engagement

15 Aug ’11

Wow it’s Monday already! This weekend went by so fast…I spent Saturday shooting a beautiful wedding in Dana Point and then Sunday I shot a fun birthday party for some great friends. But LAST weekend I was fortunate enough to get to spend out in Palm Springs shooting this awesome couple’s engagement photos! It was so cool to be outside of where I usually shoot and to get to scout out some new locations. We started out at this great little spot on the side of the road with the mountains right in the background…and ended up at the super funky ACE hotel! It was very very hot out there in the desert and I did get bitten by fire ants during the shoot OUCH! But we had a great time and got to relax and have some dinner afterwards too! I love that 🙂 Jen and Aaron, thanks for having me out there! I can’t wait to go back to shoot your wedding in March!