DANA+JESSE | Wedding Album

19 May ’13

I absolutely love the point when I get to design my couples’ wedding albums! I think part of it is because I get to use my graphic design background a little bit again. But it’s also so fun to go back and relive the wedding day again. I imagine it’s even more fun for the couple since it’s their wedding! I recently delivered Dana and Jesse’s wedding album and they were so kind to have me over for dinner so we could catch up and hang out. They were SO excited and it was amazing for me to see them go through the different parts of their wedding while they were looking through the album. I think they must have flipped though it almost five times while I was there! Definitely the reaction that I love to get! I’m so happy for this couple and so happy with how much they are enjoying their album!


For Dana and Jesse’s album, I did a 44 page, 12×12 leather bound book that came in this wonderful protective box:


Great, thick pages all lay flat no matter how far into the book you are:


The super thin gap between pages allows me to create full 2-page spread images without any real limitation:


The back of the album now has my stamp of approval!:



If you’d like to see the entire album design from Dana and Jesse’s gorgeous San Clemente wedding, click below to start the slideshow: