AMY | Laguna Beach Trash the Dress

8 Sep ’11

I absolutely LOVE getting repeat clients! It always makes me feel like I’ve done a good job when they come back wanting to do another session. You might recognize Amy from when I did her family photos or when I shot her little boy’s soccer themed birthday party. I had such a great time shooting both of those! Well, when Amy approached me about doing a trash the dress session, as a seven year anniversary gift for her husband, I was super excited! I honestly had no idea what to expect but I was stoked. It definitely got cold, and when the dress got wet it got really heavy! But Amy was a total trooper and didn’t let it stop her one bit!

Thank you Amy, for trusting me to do a special session like this. You can “smize” with the best of them! That means “smile with your eyes” for all the non-top model watching folk. Ok really I didn’t know the term either. My man-hood is saved. And a special thanks to Amy’s sister Stephanie, for doing a wonderful job of hair and make-up!